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HotShot is an experimental distributed cache, that may be used as an in-memory storage mechanism for MiniStock event processors. The hotshot subsystem supports auto-scaling, redundant storage of data, and handling conflicting versions (and will handle node failover events in an upcoming release). It does not, however, supports any form of persistence, since that feature will be provided by a separate component.

HotShot Client is the component that provides data storage and retrieval functionality to caller application modules. It supports two operations: Store and Retrieve.

HotShot storage node cluster is responsible for storing the data submitted by clients, and retrieving the stored items. The framework supports dynamical growth of storage node instances, and auto scaling. Nodes are totally equivalent (although the diagram shows only Storage0 to communicate with client, this is a simplification).

Client and Storage is connected through internal queues.

See HotShot Architecture for further description.

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