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The HotShot architecture is represented by the following diagram:


With this architecture the message handling protocol is the following:

  1. Client submits a message to the global input queue (Store or Retrieve)
  2. A node reads the message from the queue
    1. Using its knowledge of the other processing nodes, it decides to which ones it should route the message.
    2. Since HotShot is dependent on redundancy, it will almost always result multiple nodes
    3. Message is submitted to the private input queues of the processing nodes
  3. Nodes process the message in parallel, and submit the result message to the private input queue of the node that has received the message in the first place.
  4. First node correlates the result messages, and sends the result to the global output queue
  5. Client receives the result

In HotShot architecture any node can act as supervisor, and in fact, each one polls for the input queue for messages. See Storage Node Cluster for detailed description.

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