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This protocol describes the process when a new node is registered in the cluster, or a failover is detected, and stored entities must be migrated to a new node to keep consistency.

1. Triggering of migration
Migration should be initiated, when
  • A new node enters the ring - in this case, any data that should be stored or replicated on that node, must be submitted to it
  • A node leaves the ring (fails to respond to Ping message) - in this case, data that was stored on the node, must be replicated to a new node

2. Calculation of data to be sent

If we have N nodes, and the store count of M (see HotShot Architecture for explanation of the numbers), we the active nodes that are within distance of M to the triggering node (distance is measured in the hash ring) should examine the data.

If on the node i a given data entity has a store index of mi (0<=mi<M), and the triggering node t is within the [i-mi;i+M-mi_) interval, the data should be shipped to the node, and store indexes updated for each affected node.

3. Sending data

Data sending must be low priority and interruptable. If a storage entity is updated while waiting for migration, it can be removed from the migration list (since the new node will correctly receive store message for it).

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