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Message Global / Local Description
GetKnownNodes Both|
InitNode Both Sent by HotShot node startup message sequence, signals that a new processing node is started. If received from the global message queue, it is dispatched to the local queues of all known nodes.
KnownNodes Local A generic message sent as the answer for InitNode, GetKnownNodes, and Ping requests. It contains the list of known nodes. Processing of this message is an essential part of node initialization, and node health checking.
Ping Local Submitted as a part of HotShot node startup message sequence, and by a timed health check processor, it is sent to the local queues of all known nodes. If a KnownNode reply arrives to this node, sender of the message is considered alive. This message is also used to push correlation id to known nodes.
Retrieve Both Used as an entry message for stored entity retrieval. It is received from the global queue, but it is submitted to local queues to the required nodes
RetrieveResult Global Contains result message for stored entity retrieval (the message contains list of entities retrieved)
RetrieveResultInternal Local|
Store Both|
StoreResult Global|

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